About Us


Jeffrey Ziegler

My cycling career started when I moved from Boston, MA to Santa Cruz, CA for college. Winding through giant sequoias on the open roads and climbing up mountain roads to see the Pacific open up in front of me gave me a tremendous feeling of strength and accomplishment. I submerged myself in the sport, working at shops as a mechanic and salesperson, as well as racing and coaching.

Cycling is what brought me to Italy; I had traveled by bike from Switzerland with just a messenger bag on my back. Of the five years I spent there, almost all of it was in and around Perugia. During that time I was racing, taking language courses at the national university, teaching English, and working for the bike shop that sponsored my team.

I want to share with you the things that I loved about my years experiences in Italy: the roads of Umbria, the welcoming nature of its people, and the relaxed lifestyle. Together we'll find the church hidden halfway up the mountain road, taste the freshest water from natural springs on a hot day, and feel the rush of blazing down a twisty descent.

I love working with people and helping them, so after my time in Italy I came back to the US to get a degree in nursing. I'm currently a nurse in Cambridge, MA, but I still work part-time at a bike shop and ride all the time.


Christopher Duffy

Has been riding bikes since high school. Racing his way across the two coasts of the US before moving to Spain and then Italy. He has come back to Boston and continues to ride daily.