Training Plans

The view is worth it but getting there required almost an hour of sustained climbing.

The view is worth it but getting there required almost an hour of sustained climbing.

Getting ready 

The riding in central Italy is hilly and the volume of climbing we see on our rides can present a challenge to guests who hail from less topographically diverse regions or those riders visiting us after a long, northern hemisphere winter. While the climbing in Italy might sometimes be difficult, it is always rewarding. It is by climbing a country's hills and mountains after all, that we really get to know a place. But climbing to the top of a mountain, through the walls of an ancient city, or to a hill-top monastery is not only exhilarating, it's like time travel. After all, how many other times in life do we have the opportunity to actually look back at where we've been while also being able to see where we're going, all while standing in a town or city where hundreds of generations before us have stood before? 

Romanticism aside, we are intimately familiar with living in a relatively flat and, in winter, cold part of the world. We know first-hand how hard some of the rides we tackle on our trips can be when we haven't spent enough time preparing for them. To really enjoy the riding in Umbria, we really need to have a baseline of fitness that lets us tackle a handful of 15-45 minute climbs over the course of rides ranging from 2 to 6 hours. And while riding in New England can be beautiful from April through October, for the five or so months of the year before our May trips it is, at best, hit and miss. Moreover, to get to any significant climbs from our American base in Boston, we need to spend 2-3 hours in the car.  Long story short, we spend a lot of time preparing for our May trips by ticking off intervals on the indoor trainer.

Along those lines, we have developed a 12-week preparation guide and training plan specifically designed to address and improve those elements of your fitness that will be most helpful to tackling the rides we do around central Italy. The 12-week program is sold as an add-on to all our trips for $89 and includes a one-hour consultation with our in-house coach, fitter, and physiologist to so we can help understand and address your specific needs in a way such that you get the absolute most out of your time with us in Italy! For more information, send us a note with your reservation request!